Australia slow in addressing Manus asylum issues

Tensions continue to heighten at the Manus asylum detention center in PNG putting lives of thousands of asylum seekers at great risk.

The attack at the camp on the afternoon of Good Friday by locals and some PNG military personal from the nearby Lombrom Navel Base had struck fear into the well-being of women and children detained at the center.

Despite investigations being carried out on the incident, many detainees are still traumatized and in fear.

Parliamentary leader for Manus, Ronny Knight, expressed concerns via social media on what had happened.

“This is just another incident that will ignite again if the Australian government does not accept responsibility and a duty of care for these refugees and process them properly.”

“We do not condone such violence,” Mr Knight said.

The visit by Australia’s Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull few days ago did not prove any positive outcome.

While Turnbull’s government maintains that talks are ongoing with the United States to have some of the asylum seekers resettled in the US, there are still doubts on the arrangement.
Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton announced recently that asylum seekers that cannot be resettled in the US will remain in PNG.

Turnbull on the other hand was somewhat tight-lipped on the fate of the detainees by merely saying “ we will take this process one step at a time.”

Dutton told the media in Australia recently that the people presently detained on Manus Island “would not be coming to Australia when the Papua New Guinea centre closes, no matter how hard refugee advocates push.”

“They are not coming to Australia,” Dutton told Sky News on Sunday.

“The advocates can bleat all they want, they can protest all they want. We have been very clear those people are not going to settle in our country because that would restart the people trade.”

Aggrieved locals responded via social media saying PNG was not a dumping ground for Australia and that the asylum seekers should be sent back to Australia.



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