Nation mourns passing of radio legend

PAPUA NEW GUINEA is mourning the death of a legend who had contributed immensely in the media industry of the nation.

The long time radio personality and host of the PNG FM 100 most loved Talkback show, Roger Hau’uofa, silently passed away at his wife’s Lare village at Kairuku in the central province on Saturday evening.

Late Hau’uofa clocked over 50 years in radio broadcasting from the PNG National Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) to Kalang radio, now FM 100.

His name became sysnonymous to radio in PNG as he hosts the PNG Talkback program featuring many development issues covering a wide range of topics including Economical, Political and Social agenda\’s giving everyone an opportunity to participate and be heard on an open forum on National Radio.

Late Roger Hau’uofa

Mr Hau’uofa however succumbed to kidney failure. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends and the nation as a whole.

Opposition Leader Don Polye today joined the chorus of condolence on the passing of Hau’ofa and expressed his sympathy to the families and relatives.

He described his death as a huge loss to the nation’s media industry.

“He had a distinctive voice with his fluency in English. His used to critically analyse important issues affecting the country and created forums on the radio airwaves to prompt policies and legislations to address them,” he said.

Polye said late Roger had left a legacy with over 50 years of experience which young presenters would aspire to live by.

“He was a strong advocate for democracy, rule of law, good governance and systems of governance amongst others.

“His relatives and families should be proud of his contribution to the nation,” he said.

He said his prayers were with them at this time of sorrow.

Meanwhile, Polye said lifestyle diseases had been a silent killer, causing deaths to many productive citizens.

He calls on fellow citizens to take healthy food especially cereals, nuts fruits and vegetables.

He discourages them eating protein with ‘too much fat.’

Polye, a gym goer, has challenged them to do physical exercise as it is healthy for their hearts.


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