Judge urged politicians to walk their talk

POLITICIANS ought to walk their talk and provide for their constituents says National and Supreme Court judge, Justice Panuel Mogish.

The Post-Courier reports that Justice Mogish made the remarks after observing the appalling state of court facilities during circuits to sub-registries in the Central Province.

“Court houses falling apart. No power, no water, no toilets, poor remand facilities for the Correctional Services, empty chambers and broken furniture. My challenge to provincial authorities to be true to what you say and deliver,” Justice Mogish said during the opening of the Legal Year in Central Province on Tuesday.

Justice Panuel Mogish

Help in subsidising expenses was also suggested. According to Justice Mogish, last year K 300,000 was spent on a single circuit to the province, with most of the money going to transport and accommodation.

“Why not build accommodation for visiting court parties to cut down on expenses?”

He added that they were only nine pending cases at the province’s National Courts. This reflected local police inability to do their jobs because of lack of necessities such as transport.

“Plenty of criminal activities are being committed in remote areas. But police are handicapped,” he said.

He said allocating money to such infrastructures would greatly help visiting court parties from the nation’s capital in dispensing justice.


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