PNG Prisons in dire straits

PNG is likely to experience alot of prison breakouts in the near future if the management of the Correctional Institute Services  (CIS) and the government fail to adequately run the facilities. 

The recent mess breakout at the Bumio prison in Lae, Morobe Province, and the current situation of prisoners detained without food for almost a week at the Baisu prison in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province paints a bad image on prison operations throughout the country. 

Juvenile detainees at Baisu prison.

Baisu prison commander Timbi Kaugla spoke to News-Link PNG today highlighting challanges faced on daily operations of prison facilities and the lack of support from the CIS management over the years. 

Basing his concerns on shortage of food ration at the Baisu prison, Mr Kaugla said the CIS management failed to pay the company contracted to provide food supplies to the prison and therefore the company ceased supplying food since Friday, February 17. 

“We managed to provide food supply using our limited prison funds but fell short since Monday up until now.”

He addmited that the prisoners totaling more than 170 were detained without food since Monday.

“We begged the supplier to at least supply some food rations due to the situation we were facing but the supplier refused,” Mr Kaugla added.

Whisky Fresh Limited, the company contacted to supply food to the prison maintained that it won’t supply food until it’s dues are paid.

Managing Director of Whisky Fresh Ltd, Berry Maip, said he could no longer supply food ration to the prison because the CIS owned his company over K1 million.

“I have exhausted my own funds to supply food for the prison without being paid for almost three months now.”

“I cannot go on supplying food because I don’t have adequate funds to continue,”Mr Maip said.

He said the CIS owned him alot and it was their (CIS management) failure which had resulted in the current situation.

He called on the CIS management to address the situation promptly and pay up his dues for him to restore food supply to the prison.


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