Chinese man arrested for assaulting a PNG local for stealing from his shop

A CHINESE man was arrested for beating up a Papua New Guinean who stole from his shop at Gordon market in Moresby Northeast.

Hens Wu of mainland China was alleged to have injured a Michael Peter Mel for stealing from the Eliseo Wholesale at Gordon on September 26.

He was arrested, charged with grievous bodily harm and released on K500 bail.


Mr Wu made his first court appearance yesterday before the Committal Court at Waigani where he was arraigned and surrendered his passport as a bail condition.

The court heard that Mr Wu denied assaulting Mr Mell.

Instead, he submitted that Mr Mell had been stealing from the shop on four different occasions.

On that day when he tried to steal, the public had apprehended and beat him. In the middle of the chaos, Mr Mel dumped a cup of hot Chinese tea on him, burning his skin.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told Mr Wu that since it was his first court appearance, the police had three months to investigate and substantiate the allegations against him.

Mr Wu will make his next court appearance in November 17.


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