Prisoners raise awareness on crime

PRISONERS serving terms in the Bihute jail in the Eastern Highlands Province are conducting awareness for people in the province to shun criminal activities, the Post-Courier reports.

This is under a rehabilitation program organised by Correctional Services officers where prisoners visit communities and openly speak to people on issues like rape, murder, robbery, stealing and many more that got them behind bars.

Bihute prisoners conducting awareness

On Sunday they were invited to Kenemba village in Asaro by the Foursquare Church under the leadership of Pastor Francis Komokore.

Led by supervisor Corporal James Patatie, they told the public that people are not meant to spend their lives in prisons but to live freely and enjoy life.

Inmate David Ilailo, who is servicing 99 years for double murder, and who is now a converted Christian told the people that life behind bars is no life at all.

“I will come out of jail after another 89 years as I have served 10 years already but by then, I would be dead and I would have no children or family of my own or there would be no legacy left behind,” Mr Ilailo told the people.

“That is just because I killed two people without thinking twice and now I regret it but I will serve my term to serve justice for what I have done.”

Pimul Komeao is another inmate who is serving 17 years for murder.

Komeao is a former councilor and a community leader but was involved in an election related murder.

He said prison is no place for people who know it is wrong to committee a crime but still do it resulting in prison sentences.

“I discourage young people from doing that and I urge them to live a honest life and refrain from committing crimes that will put them in prison,” he said.

Corporal Patatie said the awareness program is having a big impact in the communities and thanked Bihute jail commanding officer Superintendent Simon Lakeng for allowing the prisoners to conduct it.


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