Court throws out case against hacker


AN engineer accused of tapping into the Digicel network and stealing more than K400,000 worth of phone credits had his case thrown out of court in Port Moresby for want of prosecution.

According to Post-Courier reports, Robert Koregu, 23, from Mehenave village, Henganofi, Eastern Highlands Province, was charged with dishonestly applying to the use of 677 unknown Digicel customers, K432,719 worth of credits.

Waigani District Court

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar yesterday dismissed the charges against Mr Koregu and ordered that his K1000 bail be refunded.

This came as police prosecutor Polon Koniu informed the court at Waigani that the Digicel employees behind the initial police complaint were not helpful during investigations. Thus, a police hand-up brief was yet to be compiled and served to Mr Koregu.

Magistrate Bidar said pursuant to section 37 of the Constitution, someone charged with an offense had the right to be heard within a “reasonable period of time.”

In the committal court stage, this is usually three months. Mr Koregu made his first court appearance in May.

Yesterday was well over three months, thus the case was thrown out as little was being done.

The initial complaint, or police summary of facts, alleged that Mr Koregu connected his computer to his employer, Ericson PNG’s network and typed in a “password” that enabled him to enter the Digicel information and technology system and fraudulently send a sum of credits between K590 and K760 to 677 unknown customers.

The police summary of facts stated that the fraud was discovered by Digicel PNG which used their IT system to trace the links back to the computer that Mr Koregu usually uses, the complaint was laid at the Waigani police station.

He denied committing the offence and the matter was taken to court.


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