PAPUA NEW GUINEAS former opposition leader and one-time deputy Prime Minister, Belden Namah has accused the country’s Treasurey Minister Patrick Pruaitch for illegally occupying the ministey. Mr Namah who is the Vanimo-Green MP made this known during a parliament sitting last week. He sought leave of Parliament during questio


n time to ask the Speaker of Parliament on whether his (Speaker’s) office was aware of a Supreme Court decision that dismissed Mr Pruaitch’s appeal against his referral by the Ombudsman Commission. Mr Namah produced a copy of the court order and stressed that according to his interpretation of the court order, Mr Pruaitch was no longer in power and should not be holding office or even attend to parliament. He said the court order was delivered on December last year and was in force. He asked the office of the Speaker to consult the Supreme Court Registry to confirm and be advised on the court judgement. Mr Pruaitch who is the Aitape-Lumi MP rebated the claims of Mr Namah and said that the there were no such Supreme Court decision. He said his court appeal is pending before the Supreme Court and what Mr Namah was referring to was a National Court order that dismissed his attempet to seek court order to make discovery of the Ombudsman Commission investigation against him. He also said that Mr Namah had abused his parliamentry privilages by bringing matters that are pending in court into parliament. Mr Pruaitch said the outburst by Mr Namah in the floor of parliament was a tolal abuse of parliamenty protocal and standing orders. Mr Pruaitch was referred to the ombudsman commission for misappropriation allegations in 2010. He sucssefully obtained a stay order, stopping a leadership tribunal from proceeding appealing against his refferal. The Speaker’s office advised Mr Namah that they will findout out and respond in the week.


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